Marjorie Youngren Team | Lynnfield Real Estate, Melrose Real Estate, Middleton Real Estate


If you have lived in your home for over 20 years and are thinking of selling, you will want to read this. Today’s buyers are educated beyond what you would expect…about you! These buyers are far more sophisticated than when you last sold your home. They have the tools and they research, they Google, and find out everything they can about your home and about YOU before they consider making an offer. 

Your buyer will find out what you paid for your home and how much they think you owe on it. They know if you are married or divorced and if you have a criminal record (I can’t tell you how many buyers bring this up to me). They know what you do for a living, and if the internet has an opinion about how well you do it. They know all of this because they are curious, and there’s so much they can find out on-line. 

On a positive note, today’s buyers are also very qualified and smart. They have spoken with lenders, know what they can afford, and have the pre-approval to back it up. They are also ready to pull the trigger if they find the right house. They are not looking for a deal. They expect to pay “Market” price, but not more, and they want to know what they are buying.

It’s important for you to understand who they are and what they expect. If you want to know what they know, Google yourself and see what comes up. If possible, try to clean up your on line footprint, as any professional should. If you are in an industry that reviews, take a look to see what your buyers are seeing. There may not be a lot you can do about it, but at the very least, you should be aware what they know about you!